Gather Ye Roses


Pure Blender except for some gamma correction and border/text added in post.

The title of this piece is intentionally echoic of Robert Herrick’s famous poem, which contained the phrase “gather ye rosebuds.” The poem inspired the image.

The flower was developed earlier for a recent CGTalk modeling challenge.

Thank you for viewing my work,


This looks very nice. I really like the effect you’ve given it, and the frame style.

id love to see the noodles :smiley:

wow, thats very great work, you publish a masterpiace every two days, its like you got a factory at ur house stamping them out lol

Terrible ! You image looks like a photograph ! Realy Realy Realy nice !

Am I the only one who can’t see the image:confused:

Oh, I can see it

Looks like a mix of a mosaic and stained glass

I love the enhancement of the image from the compositing.

Man, you’re just making those pieces happen at 150 mph! How much time do
you spend per piece??

Be careful though. It might end up being so that people don’t really look at your
works, just think “Oh, that’s “just” another great RobertT image, nothing new
and fancy here…”. With the great flow of images you have, each piece is in
danger of being lost in the crowd…just my 2 cents…

But, once again, great work! :slight_smile:

Oh, now i can see it
looks a bit like deep frozen roses
Really Nice!

RobertT I think has the ability to quickly model, texture, light, and render the image while still keeping a keen eye on good quality.

He should share with us some of his techniques for doing pieces like this so quickly.

Mmm… Warm, I feel like it’s what an Amish boy would give to an Amish girl. Just my personal opinion :). Great work.