gathering toghether a team


Ahem… Cough Cough. Do you have any experience in Blender yet? If you do, then post some of your work. If you do not, DO NOT START YOUR OWN GAME PROJECT. Join somebody else’s project, so you get some experience in blender before going on your own.


Well lets see then. prove it. Show some previous art, concept art or anything else.
Cough cough… people wont join unless they know you can actually do what you want to be accomplished.


For someone who has nothing to prove to little kids you sure are bragging a lot.

With an attitude like that, nobody here will want to join your game.

Not trying to insult you, just giving a bit of friendly advice.

V_e_n_o_m, with all due respect, we aren’t all little kids. Sure you may be a programmer and graphics designer (probably a self proclaimed one), but that makes it even worse that you don’t show us work.
If you were a real programmer/graphics designer you would not have a problem showing your previous work, you would not respond in such a ‘angry’ manor. Lets just say that if you were actually as good as you say you are, you wouldn’t have reacted in that unprofessional, immature way, plus if you actually cared there probably wouldn’t be so many childish spelling mistakes.
With that being said, if you ACTUALLY are a programmer/graphics designer, i would love to see your work. Seriously, people want to know what they are getting into before they join.
I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
p.s - many people make their own computers (it’s really not that difficult), just because you can, that doesn’t mean you are good at making games. :wink:


Nevermind… lol.

Hahaha, and you want people to join your project?!? That’s funny. You have a… how can i put it nicely…a CRAP attitude. You know nothing of dealing with people, you have the worst people skills I have ever seen and you are obnoxious. If you actualy wanted to make a game you would not get so mad at people.
But the way, you sound like a 8 year old kid who chats to much on facebook. Heres a few spelling lessons.

  1. people is spelled -people, not ppl
  2. You is spelled you, not u
  3. You’re is spelled you’re, not ure
  4. Little is spelled little, not lil.
    PLus that was one big run on sentence.
    I know i missed some in there
    I hope you understand that you will never succeed if you always talk crap about people, can’t spell and are extremely ignorant.
    All in all, have a GREAT day and i wish you the very best.
    By the way http means: hypertext transfer protocol
    Not everyone is a ‘lil noob’, others are more intelligent as you and probably have more experience so watch what you say.

Admin i request you close this thread, seeing as it’s off topic, has nothing to do with the game engine and is just turning into an argument. Thanks.


well im guessing im barking up the wrong tree nothing but noobs here that know nothing about making games wow this forum a waist of time to actual programers

Not everyone’s noobs. People on this forum actually turn out some pretty good games. :slight_smile:
It’s not a waist to serious programmers. If you want the last word go ahead, im not going to post in this thread anymore.
Admin, please close this thread.

You calling people like this “noobs”? I consider that a noobish mistake. I dare you to check around the forums a bit and get an idea that you aren’t the only person alive on the planet that can make a game in blender.


The reason why no “real programmers” as you put it reply is because they wont touch this thread because of your attitude. This place is a place to help people. So this is kind of a free time for most people with actual real jobs. They are NOT going to waste their time on some script kiddie who knows some html, maybe some python. If you can not show any progress or anything about the project, like a gdd or even just a general layout. If you do not know what a gdd is then I suggest you take the time waiting for someone to actually join your project, and look it up. I seriously doubt anyone will join a project led by an asshole.

You called me…NOOB? YOU JUST CALLED ME NOOB?!, im just 12 year and know how to model Super high detailed ships, im now learning about Phyton and programming, and you call us NOOBS, the unique Noob here is you, if you just come here to mess up the forum…Please take your things AND GET OUT OF THERE :mad:

EDIT: lol dont know what Noob mean (im from Costa rica), so sorry, but i think he should let the moderators look at what he write befero (he change his post to 12345678910)

You aren’t really helping kid.

u got a problem with kids?!

I dont think he has a problem with kids, but he is right, he is not helping the situation.

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