gathering works for a Blender showing in Animation Festival

wow… the title has gone long enough…
well, i’m gonna show some of my works in the Anima 09 International Animation festival here in Córdoba. They gave me an interesting three-hours-space where i’ll try to show the benefits and possibilities of Blender and other open source projects for professional animation, so, i’ve thought about gathering some blends and works of other professionals on the community. Tell me if anyone is interested, and gave me permission of showing his art on that showing.

some of my work is in

Thanks a lot for reading!:RocknRoll:

WOW. I really like your website. Your demo reel is great. Work like yours keeps me motivated to keep trying to learn Blender.

This video about Blender keeps me motivated also. You might want to consider showing it.

This is from 2005 so it might be a little to out dated maybe.

Good luck with the show.
Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the motivation!