Gauss Pistol

Hello everybody. I’m not exactly new to the forum, but this is my first post. I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in focused critique, I figured I’d start here and move if necessary. It’s a high poly gauss pistol. First I’m going to warn everybody that the psychedelic coloring is part of my workflow, I use it to help distinguish parts as I’m working. I plan on using this to generate a low poly version and then the normal maps for it.

I’ll just post links to the images for the sake of those with limited bandwidth and/or small screens(images are 1024x768).

Here is a short video on youtube showing the basic function. I haven’t added any particle effects or anything like that yet, so the animation is very basic(it’s also very low res @ 320x240).

There are a few spots that look a little bit more “jagged” than I’d like, ultimately it seems like that’s due to the way the lines fall in the mesh(transitional areas). I only recently updated to 2.49 so I’m still getting used to some of the newer rendering options as well. One of my main concerns is the trigger guard, but I can’t tell if what I’m seeing is a problem with normals, the mesh itself, or just the way I have the lighting(and by extension rendering options, etc.)

What do you think?