Gaussian Blur

Hello. For my game I was thinking of applying the blur filter when you pause the game and have an overlay scene appear, so the background appears out of focus. My problems are:

  1. The blur filter isn’t strong enough. I need it to blur more.
  2. I am pretty sure the blur filter will blur the whole screen including any overlay scenes.

So my question is this: How do you make a stronger blur effect? (For other purposes too, like a hit shader) And is it possible to “render to texture” the scene and then apply a gaussian blur to it and then apply an overlay pause scene? And if so, how would I go about this?



Hi Spewboy,

I am encountering same problem like you, the issue of how to go about of making an overlay screen more emphasized without interference from the rendering of GLSL on top of the rendered 3d scenes…

I’m thinking perhaps one other way of approach to achieve sharp gui elements without being blurred is if one can program a set of OpenGL gui elements (just like what we are constantly glazing over at the debug screen.), maybe this method shall work that it will somehow become the foreground layer rather than GLSL shaders / 2D-filters rendering its pixel magic…

Unless there’s a way to consolidate the GLSL 2D-filter passes into a rendered texture to be displayed heads-up and then its all about having overlay scene take foreground precedence spatially than the render to texture… (but I doubt that it would work well performance wise…) : /