Gave LMMS a whirl, does it even have anything that sounds like a real instrument?

Okay, I usually just use Mixcraft 5 for music, but since I currently don’t have it on my new machine, I decided to see what the free LMMS software can do.

First off, when I started a test project, I noticed that the default buffer settings was way too low (every virtual instrument gave a farting sound), but first I wanted to see if it was just the sound settings and accidentally got it stuck on the dummy setting (which effectively killed the ability to create sound). I managed to solve that after a bit of fiddling with the settings and some program restarts.

Since that was taken care of, I was somewhat taken aback when I found that the instruments that shared their names with real musical objects sounded more like an electronic synth rather than the actual instrument, the bells did not sound like bells, the guitars did not sound like guitars, even the drum sounds didn’t seem all the way there. So I have to ask this question.

Is there any plugin or feature available for LMMS that can give a user the ability to have instruments that sound like real instruments or is the program mainly useful for electronic-type music and synth-remixes? The program itself looks quite functional and filled with features, but it’s surprising no one bothered to include sound categories that are the bread and butter of most types of music and most of the commercial apps. So is there any plugin for that or is LMMS dead in the water if you need that?

Well the easiest way to get real instrument sounds is probably with samples (located on the left panel - image below). LMMS doesn’t come with a ton of them, but on their wiki they have links to places where you can find more. You can also look into soundfonts. I’m sure there are good plug-ins and things, but I don’t mess with it often enough to really recommend anything.

Well I found a good resource site for plugins which takes care of the issue with the lack of instruments.

However, I decided to get Mixcraft 5 installed and registered on my new machine so I can use it instead. I’m really not keen on how LMMS wants you to use the beat editor if you want to create any pieces of music that loop, what also doesn’t help is that it does not actually draw the note layout and instead uses a solid blue color (sure you can always get away with copying the pasting the piano roll sections until you think you would want to make changes to the note layout).

There’s no doubt that people are creating some amazing music in LMMS, but Mixcraft’s interface makes it very accessible and easy to create looping sections (and will also work with any VST plugin that LMMS can run). I also couldn’t readily find a way to snap LMMS music sections at a higher precision than at the measure level which makes it more difficult to create rapid tailings or transitions into the next part of the song.

To note, I’ve been using these pieces of software to try to create background music for one of my BGE games, but I got nothing right now when it comes to what I want and what my vision is so I just end up heading over to a site like Incompetech so as to use a premade piece. :rolleyes:

Haha, I’m the same way. I’ll even try to copy tutorials of simple piano melodies and they almost never sound as good as the tutorial does so I get discouraged and just find free stuff.