Gavicus Rex's Sketchbook

I’ve been adding items to this warehouse scene. Evidently, I’ve added so many polys that my machine (a 4-year-old mid-power box) freezes consistently during the Freestyle phase. To get the above image, I had to actually delete some objects that are off-camera.

That blanket is pretty high-poly, but I think the last straw was that phone on the table.

So, if you’ve created large scenes and have rendered views in them, what is your solution? Do you just grit your teeth and invest in an insane machine or do you have any tricks? Do you just delete the half of your scene that isn’t currently on-camera?

This one was going to be low-poly, but I got a little carried away with the details. I guess the final result is kind of medium-poly.

A warehouse.

The bridge of a fishing trawler. I’m still not entirely happy with the lighting / shadows, but I’m still playing with it.

Very, very nice. I was wondering if you are able to get a Freestyle render out of cycles? Can you post any experiment renders of that?

Nice style! Reminds me of that PC game in Cel shading: XIII

I haven’t played with it. This has just been Blender internal plus Freestyle. Here’s a cool tutorial, though, that I’ve been meaning to try out:

(deleted duplicate)

A stereotype agency-style black van. I still have to fiddle with the chrome material–not cartoon enough.