Gawain, the Old Beast

“Gawain Bassenheim, a loyal knight who has spent decades of his life to his kingdom. He was feared by his enemies because of his inhumane fighting prowess, acquiring him the nickname ‘The Old Beast’. To be able to rest like most commoners, he must finish a final quest that’s been given unto him which will bring the end of a hundred years war: to protect the wedding of the opposing kingdom’s prince and his own daughter.”

This is my first time in making a full-body character from sculpting to compositing. I’m very glad to finish this project because it took the most time to complete. Gawain’s backstory is actually a synopsis of a short story I came up with 2 years ago. And since I didn’t have confidence in writing the story (I never write a good one before, lol), I was like “Aw heck, at least I’ll make the protagonist some visualization”.
Link to the project on Artstation is here!.

What do you think about Gawain? Should I finish my short story?