I’ve been blending for about 2 years now, learning off and on usually in the free time during web design class. Gaxter is my third character I’ve made in blender and the one I’ve chosen to continiuosly update and grow.
It’s now at a state that I feel comfortable releasing it into the wilds of the internet, I present


The link goes to my Deviant art site where I’ve uploaded it and left all the needed info on where everything is on the file.
I’d love critique on how to improve, or any praise you think I’m worthy of. :yes:


do a search on blender for fur tutorial and do some particle fur real short

hmm… Gaxter like Daxter with a G, for girl? it is a girl isnt it? I dont know but its is definatly based off Daxter from jack & Daxter video game series. as for the Charecter its pretty good and every thing seems to work. you sould add some fur(altough you might wait till the new particle system comes out) and also some pants if youve played Jak III you know what I mean.

Well it was supposed to be based off Daxter and another character I made but what ended up happening is the model turned out alot more huminoid than the art I drew for it. Because of that he has a more willowy figure than intended since if you looke at daxter’s image, ottsles tend to have slim chest areas that dip into a larger torso. I changed that though just now, thinning the upper torso a bit more and expanding the gut area to give more of an even fall off rather than the hour glass shape. it really has happaned more than once that he was taken for a she.
I might at some time revisit and remake a whole nother version (though it won’t be gaxter). I need to brake out of huminoid models any ways.
And pants yes! I made pants for him before but they turned out VERY crappy. Guess I’ll give it another try.

You asked for it, so I give! Behold his new pants! (plus belt)
One of the most annoying things I’ve been working with is the weight painting. GOD is it annoying!! whenever I seem to get it right, I move the mesh in a different way the thing is all screwy and moves in the wrong fashion!!! I think It’s just how I modeled the character. Any one know of a good tutorial on weight painting and how to set models up for weight painting?


hmmm there is another technique u can use :
I dont know how to do that but it looks like its very useful

one further suggestion to make it look less like a girl: widen the jaw and make his default mouth position wider. also make the shines shorter and the feet and ankles less skinny looking. oh and if you what a better texture for his new pant just use a picture of real pants from google as a UV texture. as for weight paint I dont think I can help unless you give us some specific problems and or a new .blend. but just so you know rigging cloth is always annoying like that.

o thats a dude?
i thought he meant for it to be a hybrid between the gurl and da boy? or a hybrid between his ideas and gaxter
(i thought thats what i read).

well, photogen, it wasn’t meant to be a girl or both or anything like that. I think it came out that way because the character I first tried before him was a girl but that turned out pretty bad…

It’s taken a bit of time but I’ve done some major updates.

*First off, the Pants have been UV mapped to actual pants.
*The mesh itself now is less female in form (thanks to Zenoth for your suggestions)
-the shins are shorter, the ankles wider.
*I changed some of the bones around mainly to do with the shoulders and the fingers. The IK chain for the fingers now works a whole lot better.
*I messed with a lot of the weight paints all over the mesh.
*I got rid of the clothing going through the mesh problem by deleting all the faces not seen under the pants.
*I added some textures to Gaxter’s fur to give a fake fur look (I also use SSS on the grey fur to help even further) It’s nothing like particles would show but it’s a lot better than a plain color.
*Gave him a few more facial expressions- angry eyes and slight frown.

Before I upload the newer version I’m going to finish an animation I’ve been working on the past week. It involves using particles, dynamic lighting and shading, character animation, and sound! I’ve already made a simple animation where he flips but it isn’t all that good, very clunky.

The link to the images is here:

I’ll work on better views and such after the animation is done.

If this is a guy (or at least not supposed to be either), then you have to stick to more genderless poses. The pic in the upper right hand of THIS LINK doesn’t disprove that this model isn’t female…in fact it adds substanital amounts of support to that idea…even though I read it was a joke pose. But keep in mind tons of people wont bother to read about all that. They’ll take one look at say nice chick!

Your real life image is just as important to you as it is to your models lol (really not…but in this light makes perfect sense). If he’s a boy…make him do boyish crap. No self respecting dude is going to lay down for a post like that, unless he’s amongst trusted friends and joking around lol.

Despite the issues between what gender everyone else thinks this model to be…I think it looks really good!

this is looking better all the time but theres still one problem. it seem that it doesnt look lik a girl anymore but it doesnt look like a boy ether. it seem that in it current state a the pose he is in determines his preceaved gender.

hmm… good point… maybe I’ll keep him like that for a little bit anyway. Who knows maybe that’s a quality for him?

hey i made daxter for a game do you wanna see?

here it is,

Hey, nice model.
As far as the gender confusion goes, you might try thickening the stomach area. Right now, it’s thin enough to accentuate the hips and chest, so it comes off a bit like a chick.
Merely a suggestion though.

hey im making a daxter game.
heres my daxter!


shar, u should fill out the legs a bit more

are you talking to me MASSter?

SHAR u should fill out the legs a bit more

blender167, say no more…