Gazing Constellations

This is my latest artwork, gazing constellations. I think it is visually the most striking work I have done so far and I am really happy with it! It Also is really not that complex to be honest and i am happy about, how effective I managed to work.

First and foremost: it barely uses any image textures. pretty much all Materials used here are procedural (including the sky) and I could not be more happy with it. So enjoy some examples of the shaders, I’ve used:

Here’s some iterations this project went trough …

On the creatures
The Creatures are both actually pretty low-poly and use a clever UV-based texturing method, that basically let’s you bypass any texture painting by just placing your UV-coordinates on the appropriate spot on a flat gradient texture.

And yes, I deliberately did not spend too much effort on the things, that were just going to be blurry in the foreground anyways :wink:

That’s why when all scene lights are on, my project admittedly looks a lot less spectacular.

But I like it this way. I don’t want to get things perfect, I want them to be as good as they need so I can get more projects done!

When I don’t upload it to blenderartists, this project uses a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License. Have a look at my twitter to get the original artwork without the silly disclaimer.

I also use Sunset Mountain (model) and a “tree” (model and textzre) by Enrico Labarile as well as a lantern and small fungi creatures from “tt” by luyssport (each CC-BY-4.0)

If you’re curious about the silly disclaimer I have put here, feel free to read this Thread on blenderartists and creative Commons Licenses. I have high hopes this will get resolved soon :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry, I accidentally hit the post button to early.


This is super cool, I love how much of this was procedural! (I would be very interested in seeing some node setups for those three shaders!) Nice job on the lighting and composition as well. Great work :smiley:


The tree textures were actually one of the few, that was using an image :stuck_out_tongue:

Altough now you made me want to attemt to replicate that effect with nodes :wink:

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Sorry to blow my own horn, but the longer I look at this the more excited I am about it. I should probably do an animation with it.

It’s just … it has been a pretty short project. And a really creative one. It really reminded me of the olden days, when I did much more creative and spontaneous projects, that were done in a weekend and not in multiple months.

And this one not only was pretty low effort, it is genuinely looking stunning if I do say so myself.

Plus the name is just … peak :3
I mean usually my names are kind of … practical … but this one is not only a neat play on words, but I also think it adds to the story.

Okay enough of self excitement, I should go sleep now. ^^

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