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Well, this picture ended up a bit different than I planned it to be. Oh well, I like it still.

What is it?

I think I know what it is. But not certain.

Is it like a mafia guy, pointing a gun at someone?

If it is, I think the hat is on the wrong side. It looks to be his right hand. But his head is on the left.

But I like it apart from that. :wink:

Yes, a mafia guy.
And actually, he is a leftie.

But thanks for the comments!

That’s a nice piece of work. That would look good as clip art for a logo design. Kinda looks like Dick Tracy. I think his preferred weapon of choice was a Tommy gun though.

yes not bad

osxrules: dont you love that censoring. Like whtn you try to say “the andy dick show” or “dick tracy”. lol anyway nice work has a Scarface poster feel to it.

Looks cool when you get it but when I first saw it i couldn’t tell what it was.