Hi everyone
I was wondering what GCSE’s I might have to take to get a good job that involves CG animation. Or in the film industry depending on how a film I’m working works out. I guess art would be good for it.
What do people think about ICT (computing)? Do you do programming for GCSE ICT?
I think I’ll need maths as well.

Hi Little Monkey

You may not be aware but next year the national curriculum in computing will be changing quite a bit. Currently GCSE education in computer science is rather lacking. At the moment most ICT consists of MS office and little else, however starting from next year computer science GCSE’s will feature things like computational thinking, algorithm design, and in key stage 3, two programming languages, one of which must be textural. Most schools seem to be favouring python.

With that in mind, subjects that could be of benefit would include art, computer science (rather than ict), physics and maths (which you have to do anyway).

take media studies as well if you have that available

To be honest, the GCSE system in the UK is a joke. There are many attractive looking subjects that are, in fact, very poor choices to make. Generally speaking, stick with core subjects. It’s tempting with the ability to make a choice to try a new subject, but be warned; in later life, you’ll come to realise a necessity for the aforementioned options, and the softer options tend to lead to dead ends, whilst also limiting your prospects of employability / university attraction. For example, I studied Maths, English, Physics, Further Maths and French, and I learned to program and work with VFX in my spare time. Most things in life do not require a teacher, merely perseverance and determination (as well as good access to resources).

Art is a fantastic idea, because you really need the grasp the technicality, the physical nature of how light behaves. Some may argue that Physics does this, but in reality, much like any knowledge, the behaviour of light is itself a specialised field that Art is devoted to understanding in terms of capturing an image.

As well as this, it’s important to understand the nature of the “industry”. Anything you do in life has a possibility of failing, and when that happens it is very useful to have a good foundation to fall upon. In many ways it’s easier to retrain / add qualifications from a core -fed base, but much more difficult to extend your options once you’ve cut yourself short.

Personally, I would advise against taking media studies. Whilst the course itself offers many useful skills, tips and tricks, it doesn’t warrant replacing a core field with. In my opinion, such options should be considered of University standing, and not offered at GCSE year.