G'day and a question.


I’m new to this 3D animation thing (I’ve been using Blender for 10 days now). I like Blender a lot. I’ve mucked around with povray in the past but I really love how quick and easy it is to do advanced stuff. There’s some impressive stuff on this forum.

Anyway I’m working on my first basic animation (although I think my plans may be a bit too ambitious) and I’m having some problems with my armature. I’m hoping it’s a common / easily diagnosable problem but there’s a good chance it’s just some fiddly technicality with my model.

It is a standard biped where the upper legs join directly to their parent, the lower spine, which is the root of the whole skeleton. The feet have null bones, IK constraints, etc and they all work fine.

Between frames 120 and 125 (after many previous key frames) I try to translate the model forward to a new position via its lower spine (the root)but Blender will not interpolate the movement . Instead, the mesh and skeleton suddenly jump forward between 124 and 125 and nothing happens between 120 and 124.

There are no other keys between 120 and 125. If I delete all previous key frames it works but this is obviously not much use. Deleting the IK stuff doesn’t help. The bones are all correctly parented to each other.

There’s obviously some logical reason why this is happening but after racking my brain for 3 hours I can’t work it out.

Is this some noob trap I have fallen into or have I just generally twunted my model ?

Thanks in advance!


It would be easier to guess if we could see the .blend, but, for starters, look at the IPO Curves for the Action on that root bone at those frames. You may need to set them from Bezier to Linear or use AutoClamped Handles (Alt-H), the idea being to take the animation all the way to the Keyed Point instead of the default ‘ease-in’ ‘ease-out’.