GE action acutators

I have four action actuators to a object .
i gave keyboard sensor to play the action
For Example:
pad1 to move
pad2 to roll
pad3 to jump
pad4 to scroll

while the action for pad 1 is running if i press pad 2 the action overlaps.
i want the action for pad 1 to complete and then the action for pad 2 to continue.

Can you provide me with the solution for this problem as soon as possible?:confused: :confused: :confused:

You would be better posting in “Game engine support and discussion” forum for fast answers.


I would do this using Python and check that the playing action is finished before playing the next action. This is achieved by getting the current frame number of the action. A simple conditional statement would suffice.

An alternative if using logic bricks is to use a timer controller that is given the duration of the current action and then started running. A property such as “ActionRunning” would be set to True when the action/timer is started and then set to false when the timer expires. A “Property” sensor could check the value of the “ActionRunning” property and only allow a new action to start if “ActionRunning” is False.

i funky i am weak in python. can u send me script and describe how to use it ?