GE and armature


Is it possible to use GE on armature? I have a human hand (palm) with armature. I would like to do some interactivity. Like press a key on keyboard and armature would change shape and location i have preselected for that key… (key F, and palm would show middle finger :smiley: )

I would like to save all palm gestures to some database and on key press just read appropriate data from db, if this is possible? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Marko

Hi Marko
It is possible, just use action editor. There are couple of great tutorials online but to make it simple, just do this: place your bone in a wanted position, press I and then whatever you need, loc, rot or scale or all three. Move to another frame, move your bone and do the same thing again. When you complete the whole cycle, use action actuator to make it play.
For more details try searching for some tuts, they will explain it a lot better if you don’t get it.

Thanks spacestrudel for your response!

I have played a little with Action Editor, i made some different palm gestures/positions. It plays quite well as a loop, but my goal is to show different palm positions in any order i like. And order is not predefined! :spin:

Key A shows one gesture, key B shows another, key C another and so on…

Let’s say, first show fist, then f*** y** gesture, then metal sign (you know, baby finger and pointer up, others down :ba:), and then another already shown before, and so on… Transition from one gesture to another must not be instant, it must be linear…

I hope a was clear enough…
Can this be done? :spin::spin:

Best regards, Marko