GE autoplay fullscreen

How can I save a blend file and then run blender so that the file starts with the GE in fullscreen and without having to press P? Thanks

Make sure all your textures are packed with File/Pack Data
Go to the ‘Scene’ panel (F9) and in the format section press the ‘Games framing settings’
Set the screen size you want and press full screen
go File/Save Runtime.
If you don’t save it to your blender directory you will need to copy some of the files from the Blender directory to your directory you have put you file into.
You can find out what these are by running the file and it will complain that certain files are not there.

If you save it as a runtime, it will execute upon loading.
to load it as a full screen application just make a batch file with a line like this:

YourFileNameHere.EXE -f

The command is the same from windows or linux… in linux leave out the .EXE part.
save the file as a .BAT, or if you are in linux save it as .SH (some linux distros make you unfreeze SH files before they are run.)

If you go into your Commandline , in the blender folder, execute blenderplayer -h, to view a full help screen.
There are options for what window size, the position of the window… turn on and off mipmaps , turn on and off sound… etc…