GE & camera perspective.

The camera perspective on the game engine doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t render any object. I checked the manual and found this:

“To use the camera you must start the GE from the camera’s viewport (0 NumPad), and to avoid camera distortion, always zoom the view in until the camera object fills the entire viewport.”

I tried but it didn’t work. From any other view renders just fine.

Here’s the file: untitled.blend (524 KB)

Post your blend. Otherwise we can’t help.

Oh, as the problem is mentioned in the manual I thought it was a problem with my config, not with the file.

We can’t tell without further details.

I added already posted the file, do I need to post anything more? (I’m sorry I’m such a n00b)

I’m not sure but your problem could be related to the TrackTo constraint on your Camera. I believe this constraint isn’t supported in the game engine.If you use the Edit Object Actuator with TrackTo instead it works.

untitled.blend (474 KB)

Thanks man, that was it.