GE cloth movement?

Hey all,
I had an idea and would like to save potential frustration and time in pointless experimenting (although alot of frustration has actually occured).
Say I have two spheres seperated (one on top of the other). If Itrack the lower sphere #D to the top one…and the player manipulates the top sphere…is it possible to “cloth” this? so that when the top sphere is manipulated, the covering bends and twists and reacts to other dynamics?
If so…please help me out.
Thanx in advance

Experimentation is never pointless. Sometimes you get the answer you are looking for and sometimes you find out the ways it will not work.

Thats how you learned to walk.

I am confused by your question, however I think its possible with a lot of work. You can use bones to manipulate it any way you want.

The Blender Game Engine does not support soft body physics or fluid simulations. Only rigid body physics are supported. You cannot simulate cloth or fluids in realtime.

can you make n animation of a soft body object and then play it in the game?

I’ve never gotten it to work. I tried baking it and everything, but I just can’t find a way to make it a “real” animation from the Game Engine’s perspective.

I have an idea if you can…
have like 4 cubes, two for the bottom and two for the top. Turn off all collision for the cape, and set a constraint (I cannot recall which one right now) and vertex parent the parts of the cape to the boxes, then they should dynamically wiggle, but I’m not sure if you can vertex parent so that one object affects just a certain few verts. I’ll go try it out now!

Hope it helps.

EDIT: I failed miserably, but I know very little about physics in Blender, so hopefully someone will figure it out. Cheers!