GE demos at the <where?>


i have a question , where are those demos who were in the site
where are they ???
why they have deleted the demos there :mad: …
edit :- maybe they were deleted before some time , but i told my friend <who is intneding to learn GE for his graduation project> and he told me that there are no files ! … where did they go ? , i still keep them on my pc , but why the site is considering them shame to be published or something ?
btw :- i’m not upset :smiley:

I found it on Randall Rickert’s website (he was an employee of NaN and he made the original walkthrough, tutorial and template). Here is the link:
Also, here is a page that contains a link to the walkthrough.exe demo:

I also just stumbled across some very old Blender Game Engine demo files (Blender 2.25 and earlier). They can be found here:
Many of the .blends used in the tutorials at are available here, including clown.blend, which I think is the file used in the Game Textures tutorial.
A more complete listing of old Blender demos is here:

Here are a bunch of official Game Engine related links from (I know that you may have these already, but if you do not, here are the links.)

From the Blender main download page:
Blender 2.44 regression suite (40+ demo files): NL USA
Blender 2.43 game demos (graphics): NL USA
Blender 2.43 game demos (physics): NL USA

From the Blender 2.33 Game Engine Release Log:
HTML version of full GameKit reference (browsable)
HTML version of full GameKit reference (.zip download 1.2 MB)
Many small game demos from NaN artists, including skategirl and rvo-fighter. (10 MB)
Games: Frogger and HardMashed New! Never published before! (10 MB)

Blender 2.34 Game Engine Release Log

Blender 2.35a Game Engine Release Log

Blender 2.36 Game Engine Release Log

Blender 2.37 Game Engine Release Log

From the Blender 2.41 Release Log:
2.41 Game Engine Demos
GLSL Pixel and Vertex shaders (Documentation)
Blender Materials (Documentation)
Split Screen and multi-viewports (Documentation)
Physics (Documentation)

From the Blender 2.42 Game Engine Release Log:
Game demo files:
More information, the Blender Game contest:
Charlie’s 2.42 GLSL Shader update:
General Physics Tips:

Blender 2.44 Game Engine Release Log

WOW ! @_@ … thanks :slight_smile: