GE DEV: Another Moguri python patch, will someone give him commit rights please?

Moguri adds game actuator-like methods to the GameLogic module in python, though I thought we already had some globalDict() like thing already in place from Campbell.

Anyway it would be nice if he had commit rights so he can commit directly to the 2.5 BGE when doing future things like maybe fixing that one mouse related function.:smiley:

We already had the globalDict, but the only way to save and load the globalDict was through the actuator. It seemed silly to me to have this Python only thing relying on logic bricks for it’s most useful feature.

I think the mail you are linking to have better chance of giving him commit rights than your post here. Anyway it’s a nice patch.

Yay, Benoit committed the patch for me (that was quick. :smiley: ).

Now, what is “that one mouse related function”?

I’m guessing he’s referring to the way macs handle mouse movement.

PS any idea if the python draw to screen patch will be committed?

Blendenzo mentions the broken function in this thread (shows other bugs that can be tackled as well like a mouseclick event not stopping when you let go of the button.)

Also, the mouse won’t disappear when you start the game it seems, it should work like 2.4x and disappear unless it’s told to appear with the Rasterizer.showMouse() function.

From Blendenzo

My testing with 2.5 showed that this was because Rasterizer.setMousePosition() is not working.

And the mouseclick event problem

  1. Mouse sensor issue - add a box, set up a Mouse sensor ( left button ) into a Movement Actuator ( move forward ). It now seems impossible to set up a scenario where you hold down the mouse button and the box moves forward, and releasing it stops movement ( this works if you use a Keyboard Actuator ( space key ) ).

If you fix these two issues and get the mouse curser to disappear, most BGE games should work no problem in 2.5.