GE glitch

sorry for the undescriptive title, but i am having a very, very annoying glitch with the game engine, and i would like to know if you have any solutions, or are having similar problems. this glitch is wrecking my blend files, and i just had a small project completely ruined because of this, and i have gotten fed up. here goes:

I first started having trouble with 2.48. when i started a new blend file, it would look perfectly normal. then, after about 15 minutes, it would look like this:

Then when i pressed P it would look like this:

Then when i pressed ESC it would look like this:

And when i moved the view, the grid would reappear.

if you have any suggestions, or need more information, please respond. this glitch is trashing my .blend files, so it stays there even when i exit out and reopen it.

Are the objects render option enabled in the outliner?
Are the faces set to invisible?
Can you try with dynamics disabled incase they are moving out of the view because of an overlapping collision.

  1. outliner?
  2. nope
  3. if you are talking about physics, all objects are static.

It starts happening on anything, from adding a logic brick to switching layers.

did u check to make sure the normals are correct? try ctrl n when in edit mode, might fix it.

if all else fails, try re-downloading it

i’ve tried both those things. it all started happening with the introduction of GLSL, but i know my computer is compatible with GLSL, and it also happens in texture face and multitexture.

Hi longnose,

You don’t say what your video card is. ATI? I have an ATI video card and I had those problems and uv mapped textures suddenly freaking out after 10 or 15 minutes.


yes, i do. it’s an ATI Radeon 9500 pro.

Hi longnose,

ATI is fairly aggressive about updating it’s video drivers and removing old code. Blender isn’t. That’s the problem. And every time, ATI updates it’s drivers and removes old code, the problems gets worse.

Good news is that 2.5 Blender will finally be updating it’s video code. A quote from Ton in a Blender Nation article.

Window Manager replaces the old IrisGL and Glut wrappers (10 years old!).
But we might not have to wait that long. Twilight 22 is going full blast in fixing Blender bugs. A quote from MatrixNAN in the BA thread.

Yeah we know about the problems with the rasterizer and its several areas about 10 or so that need to be optimized with regards to the rasterizer some of them have to do with Blender itself and not even the game engine.
Until then you can put an old ATI openGL dll in your Blender folder right next to Blender.exe. For me, that fixed the problems. I can’t run the new eye candy stuff like Relief mapping because it uses new openGL features that the driver doesn’t have but everything else works.

I have a ATI Radeon X700 Pro and this is the file I use.

ATI openGL: atioglxx.dll
File version:
Date: 11/1/2007

I’m not sure but I think all Radeon video cards use the same openGL dll. If you don’t have the dll, and want to try it, let me know. I’ll e-mail it it to you. It’s a 6 meg file.


could you email me the file? i don’t know where or if it would be located on my computer. should i do a search for it?
i’ll pm you my email

Hi longnose,

I uploaded it to my website and e-mailed you the webpage address where you can download it.