GE jumping

Ok, in my game I can move him and the actions work and all that. But when i jump and i hit fwd(W) he stays at the same level in the air and can pretty much walk on air. I cant figure it out. I tried giving the jump a property but everytime i hit the button it goes up like a inch then comes right down and yea. So if anyone has any ideas how to fix that that would be awesome.


I made a quick .blend earlier that might help you out. I assume you are using lin-v for movement? you would better off with servo actuators for more natural movement.

Here is the link to the thread I posted my example of a platformer

For more info on servo actuators (its how I learned how to use them) try this thread. the .blend is very informative

Yup, yup. lin-v is incompatible with world gravity.

ok i didnt know that. well thanks guys. i will give it a shot