GE Lighting after AddObject

Hi Folks,

I started again working with the gameengine, since ages, and running into diffculties I cannot solve.

Using blender 2.42a on OSX …

I use the AddObject Actuator to copy Objects into Layer0 from the hidden Layer1, all fine, except for the lighting.
The Objects are not iluminated by the lights in the first Layer, but come with some default lighting.
I tried to copy the same into the hidden layer, and it gets less light on the objects.
In all the Lamps the Layer switch is deactivated.

Anyone an Idea …


you’ve got to share/link you light to the other layers you want illuminated… select the light… press M… brings up layer tabs… press shift and then select other layers you want lit by that light… and when an obect it’s added in it wil be lit by the light too… you can probally share objects between layers and also between scenes…



no problem :wink: