GE problem

Hello everybody:cool:

I have a problem and i hope you can help me with!!

If you have a kind of cleft, and you put a cube in it. Then you make a keyboardsensor to get the cube moving forward! But when the cleft turn to the left or right the cube just bump into the side of the cleft and it doesn´t turn with it!!:confused:

Hope you can understand my question, if not please leave a note.

Thanks for your help!!!:smiley:

Is your cube set dynamic? If not, try enabling it.

do you mean that you have a surface , and there’s a cube over it , when the surface moves , the cube doesn’t remain in’t same point of the surface when the surface moves ?
maybe try to make the cube heavier , lol , … increase the mass . ,
or clearfy your problem :slight_smile:

Yeah alright i will try to explain it better!:slight_smile:

If you have a track or an object like the red thing at the picture and a blue cube. It is seen in side and top view.

Now i make the blue cube move forward in th game engine. But when the trackbegin to turn the cube don´t turn with it!

Try it yourself in blender!:wink:

As I said make the cube dynamic: press the dynamic and rigid body buttons on the Logic panel (F4). Then use force to move the cube. It should turn with the track, but might need some fine tuning to work well.

yeah that would most likely fix it