GE problems!!!!!!!! grey screen

People please any factual solutions as to why my GE blanks out all my objects with a grey screen after I press “P”



pc specs :

Pentium4® 2.4 Ghz 1.00MB RAM
ATI RADEON X800 256 mbit

  1. don’t shout
  2. post a .blend
  1. don’t shout
  2. post a .blend
  1. Don’t type in all caps makes you look like a little kid
  2. I’m sure you have more than 1.00 MB of ram.

There are a lot of things which could have gone wrong, so I would recommend posting a blend for more detailed help. But…
-check camera/viewport clipping
-check normals
-check display mode (solid, textured, etc).

If it seems to be an incurable problem with the camera, just create a new one (not a duplicate, but put in the same position, etc).

Sorry guys I didnt mean to sound like a prick, its just that I cannot believe that it is an incurable problem.

I uploaded my blend file after it gave me the grey screen. As I said in another thread, the GE works for a few minutes, but after a bit of extruding/rotating/camera rotating it bombs out.

sorry I lost my cool, I hope I can be forgiven


GE problem.blend (125 KB)

works fine for me, try pressing z key for wireframe mode and see if it works

of course you’re forgiven.

works fine in all view modes for me too.

What version of blender are you using?

version 2.48a

I have the same problem (ATI card too, which gave me lots of troubles with Blender before). I found that saving my work, close Blender and open it again, removes (temporarily) the problem.

Usually I can use for 30/45 min before having to do it again.


Wow so basically, in order for this to work I will have to buy myself an Nvidia -_-

Shouldnt blender release a bug fix for this?

I don`t think it’s blender as much as it is ATI Open GL Support

I never had that problem before 2.47 (or maybe 2.46, but around then)

Velve You use blender 2.48а?