GE - Puddle Question

Hey peeps,

Is there a way to set how much of a texture is visible by another texture?

Let’s say I have a plane that has a texture mapped “Reflection”. (Just a random texture atm, but reflection works ok)

I also have another texture with a big splat in it, just plain black and white (representing the shape of the puddle)

Now, is there a way to tell Blender (GE) to only show me the reflection-texture where the puddle-shape texture is black?

And where the puddle-shape texture is white, the reflection-texture would just be invisible, leaving me with a plane, that looks like a puddle with a nice fake reflection on it. I’m assuming it’s probably “nodes” not really game logic but maybe someone knows about this?

  • OR -

If this is not doable - what would be a more efficent way of creating a puddle with fake reflection?

Thanks guys,


You can use stencils as demonstrated in this tutorial on texture splatting from Yo Frankie!:

Nice one! It worked, got some nice watermarks all over my floor now :slight_smile: now I just need to figure out why the reflection-map seems to distort the image, but only from certain angles (Seems like it could be a tiling issue)… changing the projection from “flat” to “cube”, or “sphere” doesn’t seem to do anything.

Has anyone had this?