GE question cloth/animation

  1. In this game i am making, you will be able to customize your clothing by choosing your shirt,pants, and shoes. I was wondering if it was possible where you could choose the color of each by using diffrent uv images or something.
  2. Also i was wondering if blended skeletal animation ((or whatever you call it)) was something you could do with blender

for question number 2, yes, a simple search could’ve answered that question. it’s called armature animation, search it up.

Wow, a question I can answer x’D

  1. There are 2 ways of doing this.
  • Make all different objects… For example clothes… with each a different texture. And make them all invisible except the one you want to see.
  • Use what they call an animated texture. With a little puthon you can change the uv’s of the sweather.
  1. Yes it’s possible like lipsonfire said. And it’s very usefull. You can make an animation, and assign all the clothes to it. Then the clothes change but the animation stays the same.

Go try a little searching.

You also might be able to swap out the mesh (and therefore the material) of the clothing, if you want have options with different geometry. I’m not sure how this would fit into the armature system. Let me do an experiment…

Edit: O.k. I have the results of my experiment. Look at the attached .blend file. It has an armature mesh moving a body object and clothing object.

Enter the game engine, and press space to make it dance (kind of reminds me of Pierre the scarecrow), and “c” to change from short-sleeves to turtle-neck.

As you can see, the appearance changes, and as long as both clothes meshes have been weight-painted properly, it’ll work fine, even with additional or changed geometry. I believe the arms coming out the top of the long sleeves is a result of my quick and crappy modeling and rigging, and not the process we’re trying to test.

Hope this helps!


clothes_swap_test.blend (186 KB)

Thanks! This helps!