GE reviews?

Hi everyone! I’m kinda new to blender GE and I’d really like to ear some other people’s thougth about it:yes:!!! I dont know things like is it suitable for a professional project?
or even just things you like or about it or disslike… whatever???feel free to write what ever you can say about it:yes:!!!

professional? Not at this point.

The strength in GE is the ease of use, you can model, texture and use the logic bricks then you just hit ‘p’ and it’s running!
I like it because I don’t have to program a game enigne from the beginning but still got a lot of freedom in what I can do.

ok I see so the need for an external engine is necessary for a standalone project?

Well,a couple of years ago (wen i started) the same thing was said about the blender by itself wen talking about professional looking animation… and in that time it was true! But now… look at elephants dream!

Blender is sure evolving very quickly and i like to believe that the game engine is also going to reach an full professional level!

Mal, Zaghaghi, Erwin, and 1 or 2 others is either working on the GE now or would like to. Erwin is doing the physics, Zaghaghi just implemented 2D filters, Mal is going to work on fixing small bugs.

yeah I know elephants dream is an amazing piece of work but I dont think you can get
your gameplay as beautiful as something like elephants dream with the GE?

lol way far from that! blender is not very powerfull but can make little yet good game (of course it depend on the one using it) Here’s a little quicklist about the thing a like and dislike with BGE

What I like:

  • Its free of use
    -use openGL
    -Pretty easy to use interface and all
  • model, texturize, put logic bricks and/or python script, press “p” and voila!

What I dont like:

  • it cant hander well High speed collision very well
  • no dynamic Shadow (exept if you use some script or plugin)
  • gotta stick with character mesh’ vertices below 1000 if you dont want the fps to drop down too much
    -again, It cant hander Highpoly…
  • sounds and music feature sux! only .Wav file and cant support too big files.(gotta use pygame, it plays mp3 and ogg)
    -optimize, optimize, optimize
    -Why near sensor? WHY do you eat our fps so much?!?!!!
    -making a too much long or big game result to low framerate.
    -might have other things.
    -I hope I wont encounter any other.

Professional Blender Users? Usually don’t post frequently about their work, i guess.

And if someone has the right mixture of ambition, knowledge, fancy (money helps too) I do not see many obstacles for professional Blender use. Why should I learn a new program for the same purpose, just because i use it professionally? Except, one is being forced ?

what I meant by professional was not can you do professional work with blender… I know that you can for quite a while now:plol…I was more asking if you could get a “professional” looking final game out of the GE and my question got answerd thanks!!

You can lob high speed objects against a wall and have it bounce off if it has thickness and has a bounds other then static triangle mesh since it will use the volume, it works pretty well in my Mini-Golf game


first of all, welcome to blender and it’s growing community.

As a reply to your topic header, i would suggest a one stop at:

You find there a database with reviews and user comments on a wide variiety of game engines. Blender has it’s own entry.

From a professional perspective, i would rather not recommend to develop a game to be marketed on the basis of the blender engine.

Where we are using it, and where it is of great use, is in the presentation and rapid prototyping phase.
It has the advantage of being integrated with a modeller, key frame animation as well rigging, is enabled with glsl shaders, and a well working physics engine.

A lot of what is produced for the prototypes, maybe reused in gameproduction, because blender has a wide range of excellent exporters, that enables you to write modells for nearly any engine on the market.

On the level of integration of the engine for later usage, i would suggest to have a look at ogre, crystal space or irrlicht. Which all are open source and gpl’d as well are well integrated with blender.

best regards

The BGE (Blender Game Engine) serves as a good “jump-board” for anyone looking to learn the basics of 3D game development, and programming in general.

It’s a good tool for early prototyping, and one can definitely make games with it, but you won’t be able to make Halo 3. When it comes to BGE capabilities it’s hard to tell for certain, but in most situations you can look at it as an “N64 on steroids” - so set your goals with that in mind.