GE Shadows bug?

So I’m using a Spot Lamp set to buffered shadows to generate shadows in game. should be fine, but then. the buttons and menus freeze and or are unresponsive.

Text fields are not unresponsive however their graphics only refresh after hitting enter. the 3D window works as per normal with no apparent slowdown, hotkeys still function normally, except for hot key menus.

I’m wondering if it’s just me on my machine with some graphics display bug while adding overlaid shadows to the draw function. or is it a bug in blender? I would be interested to know if this happens in newer blender as well as I am using an older version at present.

if this effect is something to do with the Buffered shadow settings, please advise on how to limit them so I can still use buttons and menus after engaging it…

the updates to your UI, if they are from the lamp setting itself…it is somewhat normal, unless you use relatively low settings for the lamp… e.g. 512 or lower resolution.

Thanks for the reply, so it’s not just me. 512 resolution leads to pixelated shadows, I guess the best thing is to leave shadows till last so I can still work freely.

would be nice if this got fixed in a future version. or maybe just give us a rendering engine which natively draws shadows. I’ll talk to kaito about it later.

No, I would setup the other settings as best as possible…then increase the resolution of the shadow map…but No, it is also “not just you”… :slight_smile: