Gear generator

I’m trying to animate the inner workings of a windmill. Does anyone know of a gear generator that will allow me to specify the number of teeth and dimensions and import the mesh? Thanks!

You could always do it manually by adding a circle extruding it down selecting the faces to be the teeth extrude > individual faces and hey presto a gear. Hope that helps

You could try using the Blender mechanical gears script as described in vol 1 of the Blenderart magazine.


Or you could model one tooth, and then use spin or spin dup to create the rest of the gear. Though you’d have to figure out how many degrees your tooth was, and it would have to be a nice number… I guess you should go with midgetmike’s method. If you want to edit it more, you could then delete the left half and bottom half and use a mirror modifier to allow you to edit the whole thing easily.