Gear Help

I am following a tutorial and now i have to create a gear. i have the two gears made but now i have to make a 200 frame animation of them turning. The problem is when i change the animation to turn all i do is rotate the top geer so that according to all my views it is merely turning. But when i actaully animate the thing it flips around completely and goes on some wierd loop. It is rotating a completely differant way then when i saw.

I no this is a really bad explanation but i cant explain it any better. I am using Blender Basics 2.42a. It is the third to last tutorial. Can someone help me or even figure out what im talking about?

Found this but all the links are broken:

Just making sure, but you didn’t add a keyframe for 0 degrees rotation then add another keyframe fo 360 degrees rotation did you ?

I’ve came across this problem before and haven’t tried it ever again.

But I’ve learned something new since then.

You can make your objects rotate 360 degrees by using the Ipo Curve editor.

First add a keyframe for rotation for 0 degrees at frame 1, then move to frame 41 by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard and then press (with your gear selected) R > Z > 180 and I > Rotation to set a keyframe for rotation.

Now split the screen and open up a Ipo Curve Editor in the newly splitted screen. Then press A, A twice to select everything in the Ipo Curve Editor and choose Curve > Extend Mode > Cyclic Extrapolation this should make your gear spin 360 degrees continuously now.

I tried what you said (sounds like you no my problem) but when i type in 180 it flips the right hand side to where the left use to be and is no longer near my gear. I have uploaded my small blender file. maybe you will take a look and see whats wrong?

I would really appreciate it its due tomorrow morning for school.

Ps. Howd you get your blender to look so cool :slight_smile:

Bump ( sorry its just due tomorrow )

Hi Marsch

I fixed your file !
You had to make a APPLY Rotation fisrt because you long screw didnt use the right axis.

I hope its better now
You can set the speed as you want by moving the IPO control points on the 2 curves

One thing is strange though : the dents on the long screw vary size !
They are bigger on one side and smaller on the other. I ll see what i can do…
In fact the whole mesh is a bit strange: not staight an rotated…

But how can i send it to you ?

I cant post it as attachment !

I cant send it as attachment and i dont have an own webpage to load it up …

I ve changed your mesh: it looks and feels better now. How can i send it to you ?

awsome thanks. You can email it to me at [email protected]

Thanks !!!

Done m8 !
I hope it suits you…

How did I make Blender look so cool ?

I created my own Blender theme.

Pull the Blender header (where all the File, Edit, Create, Help menus) are down and you’ll see the user preferences. Click on the Theme button and you can start changing your theme.