Gears addon

About the gears in Blender addon sugestion, i notice when i create a spur gear in Blender, when looking at the teeth apendium and adendium, the gap between teeth are too far apart, i cant alter distance between teeth so if i made a second one it will not mesh correctly, also it would be a value to add sprockets for chains, and have a chain pitch option, 219 and 420 and 520 and 530 and 630 pitch, the larger the pitch larger the sprocket, smaller pitch number smaller size sprocket, also teeth number 0 - 1000 teeth something like that.

very useful in modeling a push bike, motor bike ect.

Hello, the “add Mesh”-options are just a starting-point to model further. Sure, it would be nice just putting in the parameters and getting a finished model.
But if you want to make a suggestion, try asking in the coding section.


yeh i try otvinta, and when i try to copy the XYZ equastion it doesnt seem to copy, i also try to write it blender say error, bugger it.

there is an an addon here

and check this one out

happy bl

Herringbone planetary gears, which is internal, a outer ring gear, 3 to 5 planets and 1 center sun gears all different sizes. and also dont forget the carrier.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 20-24-48 Planetary Gearbox - Bing images

The carrier supports the planets and sun gear at the center