Gears & Chain

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Gears & Chain… cinematically correct


Based on ve very ols tut on tank tracks, but this is cinematically correct
(I mean that chain links do rotate around the TWO correct pivot axes…

Sorry for awful quality… I rendered it 640x480 but I’m out of space on my site… must ask Acasto for some space…



(edited because I messed up the link,and because I forgot that it is DivX 5.0.2 320x240 1.45Mb, 24sec.)

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the link of the tutorial please :slight_smile:

when rendered in LF?


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Heheh thanx…

tut on IngeeBee site (that’s on the 'Current List of tutorials etc. etc.)

For lightflow… well, with motion blur etc. that’s 7 minutes per frame… don’t think I can do that in LightFlow…

Maybe I’ll try…


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That is great. Cool effect. I like it. Bravo!

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kick @$$ man! i luv the effect. i hav to read the tutorial, its a must!!

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I’m looking at Ingiebee’s tutorial page, but I can’t see your tutorial, S68.



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Sorry for misunderstanding (and mistyping the -> ve)

never said tut was mine, it is Nyheim’s and direct link is

Problem with that is that when tha radius of curvature of the path varies chain link go off axis (you woon’t notice unlòess you zoom a lot) while I’ve placed the center of each chain link in the correct pivot point and added a little trackto magic…


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Wow, truly great work S68.

Looks perfect.

My only critism would be that it is a littlte too perfect. The chain looks like a solid piece of metal, ie. there is no flexing at all between the individual chain links. Also, normally chains will “bounce” up and down a bit as they go from an “under tension” state to untensioned state.

Also, the axles looked faceted.

Hope that didn’t sound too harsh - I really liked it, and haven’t done anything of compareable quality - just trying to be helpfull :wink:

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that works nicely.

If you want to post larger videos, you can use the gallery on my forums, which allow attachments up to 15MB:

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wow,great work!

(Bapsis) #11

Wow!!! Thats some beautiful work there!!! Very accurate and smooth which really adds to the illusion that the gear is driving the chains movement. Beautiful!!! :wink:
I’m really going to have to take another closer look at that tute!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #12

Absolutely superb! I am glad to see that you got the tight side and the loose side of the chain down properly. However, I have to agree with Jarrell Smit about the bounceing, etc. That would make it even better.


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Now you’ll just have to make an engine or bike or something to put it on :smiley:

  1. pofo

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Yes, I was thinking of some vibrations, but I was afraid of the curve lenght variation and it’s negative erffects… will think on it :slight_smile:

Thanx for the offering Stephen2002… will consider it :smiley:


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Thats fantastic! :smiley: