Gears! [Script & new anim pg. 2]

I know this is cross-posting, the original post is in the “Pithon” forum, but few people surf that forum:) This is a Little preview of BMG (my next script)

1.3Mb DivX 5.2.1

Inspired by the original script “Grinder” By Jonathan Merritt , written for
Blender 1.72… which still works, but is unmaintained since 1999!

More info here


Ooooh! Clever stuff!


Nice animation too


Sweet for a script ! for it, are all gears premade in the script or can you make your own?

Cool. 8)

Cant wait to see the script!


Hello S68,

Very nice! I even like the shader you used (very realistic, especially if it’s fully procedural). Anyway, that’d be really sweet if you would add the extra families of gear you mentionned (worm /crow / rail).

I have to go back to work, but as usual, my hat to you.

:smiley: :Z


Very nice, S68! Looking forward to the script.

My only crits on the vid itself is the “set smooth” issues on the lower large gear - its top face isn’t looking flat - and the pinion gear not really meshing with it… other than that, I hope to see more from “BMG”!

is this what i think it is? can you make things like gearboxes work with this script you are making?

Thanx guys,

GUI is nearly done, but I want to add Conical Gears at least before first release. Might take the rest of this week.

fonix You tell the script 'I want a gear witn N teeth and r eadius (Plus some other params) and you have the gear. No premade one, just categories Spur (Classical straight tooth) Helical (Those in the anim) etc.

arnaudShader is a simple chrome material, grey with RayMir on :slight_smile:

mzunguI’m a bit upset too with the SetSmooth here. THe face is flat, and tooth is bevelled. It is the smaller face joining the bevel to the top face which has not a vertical normal and causes this. I must think on it. Adding a furver bevel face with vertical normal would solve this, but would also rise vertex count (which is not low)

mifune sorry, script only creates the gears, I think there is already a script to move the gears somewhere.


Aha, so the script is to create gears. Very nice. Can’t wait to try (as always on your scripts)

still it is cool. i dont want to think about modeling those gears in your animation.

Small update…

1.2Mb DivX 5.1

script soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Great Stefano! That will be very useful to enhance any mecanical model.
Thanks for your commitment.

This is very cool stuff Stefano.

I used to work in a machine shop and cut these things by hand on a mill. This will be much easier to use. :wink:



Another teaser

1.3Mb DivX 5.2.something

Gears are plain spur gears, simpler than the helical ones in previous teasers, but movement is not uniform :slight_smile:

The big gear is the only one actually having an Rot IPO, all the other wheels follows via a Scene-wise scriptlink.

The good news is that such a scriptlink is automatically generated via the Gear generation script (well, ATM byn a separate script I will merge in the main script soon)

I’ve also made the math for conical gears. I hope to be able to implement that soon

Then I’ll have no more excuses for release!


And Conical-Spiral!

700kb, same DivX


That’s awesome Stefano! Can’t wait to play with this script.

Stefano, this is some really quality work… and not just the script that generates the models/motion, but the animations themselves are very good stuff! I especially love the one where the camera twists into the gear teeth and it seems like you get pinched between them… Lets just see someone try to film that IRL! It just shows how one can take a relatively simple scene and make it interesting just by putting it into motion and adding some creative camera movement! And the one with the variable motion spur gears! So simple, but soooo sweet! (too bad about the ao noise, tho, huh?) You really should put a bunch of these together to make a mechanical music video or something… they’ll at least look good in your portfolio, eh?

WOW, this is great stuff! When this gets put into CVS, or released as a script, I’m going to be ecstatic. :slight_smile:

Preview is here!


Another anim!