Gears [Script v. 0.0.2 halfway Pg. 4]!

Little preview of BMG (my next script)

1.3Mb DivX 5.2.1

Inspired by the original script “Grinder” By Jonathan Merritt , written for
Blender 1.72… which still works, but is unmaintained since 1999!

The script simply creates the meshes.

For now it makes Spur (straight) and Helical (those in the movie) gears
I will add conical (Spur and spiral) and, maybe, worm gears and rails and crowns (Gears with teetrh inside).

As soon as there is a GUI you’ll have the script


Stefano @ work again :slight_smile: I can imagine this can be handful to add some environment stuff… like machines in a lab.

This might help. It’s a gui creator script. Pretty stable.

Your scripts rock! Does this script animate gears as well?

looking forward to this, any news?

Hey cool :smiley: Can’t wait to try it :smiley:

Just to keep you updated :slight_smile:

Script pre-release in week-end/monday

I’ve played with scriptlinks!

Script will be able to also move the gears!


sweet…i see locomotive…working engines! :wink:

is this going to be based on your joint constraints?


1.3Mb DivX 5.2.something

All of them are script-link moved (except the driver)


You did it again S68, something new and cool. So many possiblitys come to mind, a watch with moving parts, an old time robot with gears moving in its chest, an ornithoper(flying machine) with guy pedaling madly to move gears to flap wings. And your last demo reminds me of the gears in the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Bet you can’t guess I’m looking forward to playing with your script. :wink:

the new video is very kewl. Though I can not think of any use for me… it will definatly rock :slight_smile:

Just curious, are you using my GUI_Creator to help you create your script? Just asking because I asked people to inform me if they every made anything, though they are not obliged… I haven’t seen anything yet. So maybe no body uses my script. :frowning:

Awsome looking script S68!!! Keep it up! :smiley:

It’s not like I haven’t been trying to get folks interested in your script :slight_smile:

Thanx paradox and Chimera and [d]DYeater[/b]

The_nerd I’m sorry, but I’ve developed a GUI layout some time ago, with a panel-like structure and standard colors which I use in all my scripts, now that I’ve developed it it is quite fast for me to make the GUI… I haven’t used your GUI generator, sorry :expressionless:

Scripts (They are two, a maker and a mover) are ready for pre-release. I’ll write some doc now!


giggle … :smiley:

Script preview!

Warning, it might be buggy :slight_smile:


Hmmm, my other hobby is clock repair. I wonder just what I might draw inspiration from…

Version number does not exactly inspire confidence…


@@ sooo awsome!, But its is gonna make a complete gear @ some point right? Duplicated and rotatiung to make a complete gear is not too fun ^-

I cant seem to get the animation script to work though… It made to gears, then I added them to script, then put them as mesh and generated ansd it did nothing

well… spindup will stay there untill the Python group implement spindup as an API function, I cannot do that by adding each vertex and each face :slight_smile:

The anim script should work, steps are:

Give the Gear Objects (not meshes!) a meaningfull name

Add the gears to the ‘Gears’ panel with their number of teeth

Add the links in the linkk panel

press the ‘Generate’ button

Check that a DriverSL text buffer has been generated

Add that as a Scene FrameChange Scriptlink



I’ve already noticed that on conical gears some interface object does not work (Angle :slight_smile: )