So I thought of playng with gears,and eventually make an animation.I made them, but can’t get them to behave in the BGE,they spazz,don’t collide,or collide to mutch:D…In other words how do I make them…work?
Here’s a .blend file with,what I’ve got so far.

Edit:here’s some actual footage:spin:


PhysGears.blend (349 KB)

to be honest, i think your going to have to just animate them by hand. i dont think the physics in “bullet” are good enough to actually make mechanical stuff work as it would in the real world. but, you can make it seem like it can with clever manual animation.

Or Use constraints…but that doesn’t work.+I’m not a good animator.

Edit:So Blender has these awesome;cloth,soft body and fluid physics,yet no rigid body physics what so ever?

Great question!

You dont have to animate the gears, it is possible to get them working correctly with a compound bounds system and constraints.

Basically all you have to do is separate the cylinder from the “teeth” of the gears. Then you parent the teeth to the cylinder and enable “Compound” in the bounds panel. It wont stay in place unless you use a constraint, so keep that in mind.

Here’s an example I made for you:

I hope this helps. = )

Rigid body physics works well, but the default physics mesh forms only a rough outline of the object. There is a tutorial somewhere that shows a ball in a wine glass falling dynamically. This was created using a compound physics shape.

Erm… So basically what VenomSeven said. For any complex shape go for a compound physics bound shape. This would probably slow a game down when used excessively, but is what you’re looking for.

I tried that about last week. For me if I got them spread out far enough they would work a little, but they still would push away from each other constantly.


Wow,thanks for all the replys:D I’ll try to separate the theeth if the gears,thanks Venom

Nope,they only work when they are like this->


I got it:D I just set,this “Colision margin” thing to 0.01,and now they work!..or would have,if I had got theyr geometry right :smiley: Thanks VenomSeven!

Edit:Now off to Wikipedia and all about gears…

Edit:Now they stoped colliding,they made their mind.Will I ever catch a break?

i got them to work but they still jump around. you can look and see if it helps. hopefully it does. this upload has an animated gears and another gears that reacts to the animmated one


gears2.blend (206 KB)