Gee Bee Super Sportsters

Granville Brother’s Gee Bee Super Sportsters R-1 (#11) and R-2 (#7). The R-1 was the Thompson Trophy winner from 1932 with the larger Pratt & Whitney Wasp Sr. engine, where the R-2 was the cross-country Bendix Trophy competitor with the smaller Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. engine.

Modeled in Blender 2.83, rendered with Cycles. In these images, I used some old Dutch Skies 360 HDRIs for the backgrounds.


Wowww please teach me how u made it photorealistic

Cool stuff, you’ve really brought this aircraft back to life from a famous period in aviation technology.

hard to believe this thing actually flies

Thanks. Check out “Blender Guru” Andrew Price’s discussion on photorealism:

Thanks. From what I’ve read, they were extremely difficult to control.