GeForce and Linux!!!

ok got linux(redhat) havn’t got it installed yet(will do in a few minutes), i just know if there were drivers for linux, all i get at the site is an ia32 driver version. will this work with an amd 32-bit 1133mhz tbird athlon cpu???

thanks for the answer!!!


thx, i’m talkin to you from redhat now!!! :wink:

congrats, try Mandrake and Debian and some other distros too :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the light side! :smiley:

had some trouble installing(used intel instead of the athlon drivers), other than that no probs yet, other than tux racer crashing %| .

I’ve never gotten the rpm’s working, I’ve always used the tar.gz’s and they’ve always worked without any problems at all.