Geforce Fx 5500 glsl problem

ok i recently posted a topic about glsl not working on my laptop and i some one gave me the awnser so anways im now using blender on my desktop witch is a win xp 32bit 1gig ram and a GeForceFx 5500 gpu and i can run glsl but all that is diffrent is real time lighting and image textures that you apply in the properties menu. shadows normal maps/bump mapping dont work is there something im doing wrong because i latest driver for the gpu said it supports dx 9 and opengl 2.0 plz help thanks.

Posting screenshots of your problem would help. Also, I’m not sure if that computer can handle GLSL - how old is it?

oh ya sry i forgot about that but anyways i installed the newest release of blender 2.57 i was using 2.56 and now every thing works the shadows the normal maps everything but now the only problem is its really slow. my computer is around 2003 so pretty old but its a work horse. do you know of anyway of speeding stuff up because i think im getting around 10 frames per second is all. thanks

on my very old gef7600 the glsl works good
some integrated videocard is a problem… but you can use simpler glsl shaders for example only one UV, only diffuse+specular texture
not many lights, only one specular light etc

ok but what do u mean only one uv and diffuse and spec texture

The nvidia fx 5500 has limited glsl support (limited Open GL 2.1). Check this out if you need to know anything about your graphics cards:

Since you obviously have a AGP 8X bus, you could get any number of cheap, yet WAY better cards. The last nvidia card made with a AGP 8X bus was the 7950 GT. Ati made AGP 8X cards until 2 years ago.

Ok thanks guys i know it sounds ridicules but i cant get a new card right now no matter how cheap it is lol so anyways is there any software programs or hack anything that will let me achieve a faster frame rate because right now every thing works the shadows the lighting the image textures and bump/normal mapping its just like 6 frames per second is all, i know over clocking will help but not enough to make a difference plus i dont want to risk it gathering that is the only card ill have for a while so, any suggestions guys? thanks.

No, software (and especially a hack of any kind) can’t help you out. You have to just get a better graphics card to view things faster. Overclocking is a possibility, but I wouldn’t recommend it for most people - some computers and graphics cards don’t handle overclocking well.

You could also go into glsl settings and take out unnecessary things like extra textures, ramps, maybe shadows?
You don’t need them while you are making the game or whatever it is you are making, only once you are done, or when you want to see what it looks like fully at that point.

ok will do im thinking ill just continue to develope the game to where i dont have to enable glsl until i start adding textures and more detail then i guess ill have no coice but to by one.