Geforce gt745m with cycles render engine

Running Windows 10, i7-4500U CPU @1.80GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 cores, 4 logical processors.
And I have 8GB of installed physical memory.

Is it even worth using my graphics card? If so, when?

Thank you very much :grinning:

Generally speaking, rendering in Cycles goes faster on a GPU than a CPU., so use it if you can (Eevee only works on the CPU). If you do not have enough video RAM to handle a scene, you go back to the CPU.

I have no experience with mobile GPUs so I would test it out - render on both the CPU and GPU and see if there is a difference in speed.

Thank you for the reply! I mean I tested it out. I was following a tutorial on how to model a donut… a pretty simple model, but i noticed my computer started heating up. I saw in the task manager (windows) that when i moved the viewport around, my gpu shot up to 100%.

I found myself basically working in eevee, and switching to cycles just to see a preview of the image.

I also noticed that the denoiser didnt offer the same options in eevee as in cycles. What would the suggested workflow (/workaround) be in that case, considering i basically dont see myself doing much work w. Cycles?

Not sure exactly what you are referring to here. Are you “working” in Rendered view in Eevee/Cycles? Or just occasionally checking lighting, materials, etc. in Rendered view?

As for denoising, I can only assume you are referring to the post-process denoiser using the compositor Denoise node. Yes, it appears there is no denoise pass for Eevee. They are adding more passes to Eevee over time, but do not know if denoising is on the list.

Do you find that your Eevee renders are noisy? Eevee is not a ray tracer like Cycles, and does not suffer from the noise issue in the same way.

Thank you again for the reply, sorry for not being clear.

I’m sorry, but your question made me come to my senses. By working i meant like modeling/shading 3D objects, but i was literally trying to do that with “display render preview” enabled in cycles. I switched to “material preview mode” and cycles was smooth again. I think my brain short circuited or something.

yesss :flushed: you assumed correctly :slight_smile:

No! I was imagining myself having to set everything up with eevee, then having to switch to cycles and then having to remember to go back and activate the denoiser… not a problem anymore tho.