Geforce GTX 1660 Ti and Blender

Will the Geforce GTX 1660 Ti work with blender? I am trying to set it up with CUDA which it apparently supports but I can’t enable GPU processing

Yes, this is supported. You give more information about your OS, Blender version, and some screenshot of the error message or how you are trying to enable GPU computing.

It should work with blender, but you will need to go into your user preferences. Then, click the button the left that says “system.” At at the top of the page that appears on the right you will be able to choose between ‘cuda’ ‘opencl’ or ‘optix’ (and possibly another option.) Because you have the 1660 ti, you will want to select cuda, and there should be a checkbox with the name of your gpu. Check that, then go to the hamburger menu in the bottom left of the user preferences window. Select it, then choose ‘save user preferences’ so every time you enter blender it will have your gpu enabled. Then, close the user preferences window and go to the render tab on the main blender window. change the compute device from cpu to gpu, and you should be all set.

Turns out i had to force install the older but supported packages of cura 10.1 then uninstall some other Cura 10.2 packages.

CUDA toolkit is necessary if you are going to build Blender or you use unofficial Blender versions without including CUDA kernels.
If you have latest nvidia drivers and you download official Blender, you don’t need to install CUDA toolkit since official Blender versions include CUDA kernels.

Thanks for this information Yafu

it always says “no compatible gpu cards found” what am i doing wrong?

I’m worried it isn’t listed on here