Geforce GTX 760: Unsupported Graphics Card or Driver

I recently installed Blender on my work desktop to dip my feet into 3D modeling and printing.

The computer has an AMD A10-5800K CPU with integrated graphics, which does not support OpenGL. I recieved the “Open GL 3.3” error when trying to run blender.

I then salvaged a GeForce GTX 760 from another computer and installed it, and installed the newest drivers for the card. However, even though the GTX 760 supports OpenGL up to 4.3, I’m still receiving the Unsupported Graphics Card or Driver error with the “Support for OpenGL 3.3 or Higher is required”.

I’m not sure if Blender is still trying to use my AMD integrated card. I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Blender after installing the GTX 760.

The geforce gtx 760 has cuda 3.0. Blender supports cuda 3.0+. So I know the card is supported by blender.

I was finally able to figure it out.

Had to go into my BIOS and disable the integrated graphics, then completely uninstall the AMD Catalytst Control Center, then uninstall and reinstall Blender again.