Geforce GXT 980 TI stop automatic update of driver?

Does Anyone remember how to prevent the NVIDIA drivers from automatically updating ? I know the last time I had to tell ether windows 7 or nvidia to leave my drivers alone but can not remember how.

I have found that the 353.06 Geforce 980 TI drivers work for win 7. but others not so much. So in the past other drivers did not work out so well and the performance was not as good with newer drivers. I had to search google for

For search How to stop the nvidia drivers from updating automatically in windows 7 Or how to stop NVIDiA AUTO UPDATE. Or how to keep nvidia from updating its drivers.
I have windows 7 64 bit on a GA-z170x mother board.

Thank you

i have used DDU for this you can enable do not update ( preferences )

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When I bought my current machine, I uninstalled GeForce Experience in favor of just downloading the drivers manually from Nvidia’s website. I don’t get auto-updating as a result.

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Ok Thank you guys ! Much appreciated.

I searched google for “353.06-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql” and it found this driver on Nvida Website. It works with win7 64bit for me. Do not know if its optimum but it works. Last year when I installed the latest drivers nothing worked like it was supposed to. I tried to upload it here but the file was too large.

For me I uninstalled the program that goes with it called geforce experience and it solved the driver update problem. I also had to disable the Microsoft automatically check for drivers as MS would update to their version of drivers. ( I THINK )

When I update to windows 10 I am not sure what driver will work.
windows 10 driver for 980 ti is unknown to me but it looks like I may have to update to 10 soon if I cannot purchase continued support for windows 7