Geilarin's Drawings and sketches

These are some of the drawing i’ve been drawing for the past 3 months, or since i moved out
This is actually the first time i’ve ever posted something i’ve been drawing
Anyways all my drawings have been done by a pencil or a pen
I will add more drawings over time cause it is the only thing I love to do xD


Looks like you’re off to a really good start Geilarin! I think you might want to stay away from anime/manga or most types of stylization initially, and concentrate instead on the fundamentals (particularly form and anatomy). Often, this can be pretty frustrating simply because you want to create cool monsters/characters/weapons etc. right out the gate, but it is probably much more helpful to start with more traditional means. As much as I hate to admit it, I started with the same style, but found myself fundamentally unable to represent what I really wanted until I put a lot more effort into more traditional skills. This isn’t to say I’m by any means an accomplished artist (on the contrary, I have a long way to go), but I find that I now have the ability to accurately convey my ideas, even if they don’t yet look great.

Sorry to get all lecture-y, hope it helps and I don’t sound like a jackass :slight_smile:

Actually i don’t really draw manga for the sake of making weapons and monsters … I just like the style nothing more
But i also train traditional drawings… have been training that for the past 2 years … but i’m stock so i just went on and tried something else…
But anyways drawing monsters in manga style… they don’t look that bad ass … i like more realistic monsters …

I like your style, I’m quite into the manga drawing phase too.

Thank you … I’ve almost just started drawing manga … started about 3 months ago

Cool, these look great. I really like the blue one with the hair covering the eye, It looks really artistic. I also like the one with the big bloodshot eye, it looks like you named it Osla. If you don’t mind me asking, is that ball point pen? It’s starting to look kinda’ realistic.

If you mean that i used one … yeah i think so… not sure if it’s call that on english…
If you mean the pen in the back round … then i should be a pencil … tried to show a friend of mine how one of my former classmates drew
But anyways thanks xD i appreciate the comments

And here are some pictures i uploaded on facebook cause they were too big to be uploaded here xD

Wow, I spend ages on tiny details and don’t usually end up with what I want (emotions on people are so different). I should upload some of my better drawings, and then learn how to draw humans/animals/plants. I can only draw cartooney characters and faces from front-view using a line system…

I sometimes do that too, spent ages on picture that fails… I can sometimes draw a person straight on face but i prefer from a side view … I’ve resently bought myself a sketch book … so i’m about too fill it and soon i’ll scan the pics and upload them

I loved the concept of Shizuka. It’s cool.