Geisha doll

I finally finished my pic. Two versions:

On the hair did you use half mesh and half particles? The only crit I have is that thing that is on her shoulders doesn’t seem to be fitting to her shoulders should those straps mold to the shape of her shoulders?

Very good! I prefer the uncolored version. It looks less computer generated which fits better to the traditional content.

yeah i like the uncolored version better. that is absolutely awesome.

The hair:

  • Fiber using the card method (alpha) on the hanging parts
  • A big helmet mesh with some Nor
    Now you said I’m seeing the flaw in the fabric on her shoulders… But I won’t fix it - I can’t edit the mesh anymore or I’ll go crazy! But thanks for the crit!

Thank you guys! I’m choose the uncolored version too, but everyone keep saying “The colors are nice!”, “It’s so cute!”, especially my girlfriend…

I decided to make some post in Photoshop mixing the noise of an AO rendered version with the previous image:

The non colored one is the best right now, only crits is that you have texture stretching on the dress and face looks plastic or porclein while the hair looks wooden. And a wooden and plastic or porclein doll just wouldn’t work well.

No crits from me! I love it!

I agree about the Uncolored version - it’s the best.

There are some crits however:

  • The kimono: Straps looks too paper thin, some seems would be in place
    even if silk and virtually nonexisting…still. (hint…make’m sligthly thicker, not much…but barely visible)

  • The hair textures are too thick, it makes it very “cartoonish” while
    the rest of your scene (colorless) seems slightly more realistic than
    the doll.

  • The chin/jaw/mouth area looks too bulky for a lady/little-girl.
    try too smooth this area and create a fine-bowed-jaw like the ones
    on “pretty” girls :slight_smile:

  • The fingertips are too uneven. Try to model these better. Not so thick
    in the end…and definetively not so “random” like they just where extruded
    and subsurfed. Get a bit more work on this one and the overall image will improve.

Hope I wasn’t too harsh with you. The reason I bother to comment
is because your work shows hard work and dedication. Keep going.

wooo, impressive work !

The sepia tone image is definitely the best for me !

I like it !


I for one like the coloured more, but the sepia color is cool too.
Some small crits:
Make the background just a little bit dimmer to emphasize the subject. Try using some spotlights that cast negative light to dim the background.
Try to make the girl look more 3d, maybe by using a kick light. The lighting is too uniform on the girl.
To make the sepia coloured picture more atractive, use coloured filters. Yes, even though it is monochrome, you can get a much better picture with color filters. You see, in the old days, B&W movies used color filters too. For example, a branch with some apples hanging on it in plain black and white looks just gray. Too little contrast. But add a blue filter, then watch your apples become more darker in color. Whereas in the first example, the grey tones of the apples and the blue sky could be almost the same. But with a blue filter, the sky stays grey, but the apples looks darker, setting it apart in the picture.

To relate back to your picture, add a blue filter (the complementary colour of red) the make the subject realy stand out.

Very good one JJ!

mostrando a sua capacidade!

I love the coloured one! Gives it so much more life and a fantasy feeling.

Thank you for the crits, guys! I won’t modify the model for now, but when I’m editing it later (so later - I can’t look at it anymore) I’ll remember the suggestions. Someday i’ll improve the image.

Ih cara! Só agora eu me toquei que você é lá do! Valeu!

Very nice, JJ! It has a nice soft feel to it, but there is something wrong with it. To me, it looks like it’s lacking realism, it looks too much like a render from a lousy rendering engine post processed heavily in photoshop. It’s lacking the detail that’s been blurred out. Plus, ithe figure doesnt look doll-like: it needs to look like it’s out of plastic, fabric, whatever. Right now it’s far too smooth and perfect - that’s it: it’s too perfect. It needs more details showing it’s not perfect.

very well done, has a real japanese artisitic look, I prefer the sepia one myself.

blendermax: Thanks, I’m taking notes of the observations of everybody. I swear I’ll try to make things look better someday… :slight_smile: And I’ll post the improved version here!

sornen: Thanks! The sepia is now declared the World Champion!