Gelstar - Roleplaying game

---------- STORY ----------
I will update the story as I get it written. This works as the introduction and describe the events before the game. If you notice any typos in the text, you can report it and I will fix them.

If given enough time, unresolved things tend to escalate

Surrounded by void, Dniy fed itself and kept growing. Not being able to sustain itself in this definitive moment, it bursted into flames. But it was not its end. Instead of perishing, Dniy kept growing…

What once was taught as a defining history, we now keep telling to our children as a bedtime story.
Only a handful of people are now able to even trying to understand the connection people had to their gods long time ago.

Bits and pieces, misinterpret writings, symbols, carvings on the ruin walls. What does it all mean? Groups of people are seeking answers to these questions. They call themselves The Silverleaf Union. They spend most of their times digging through old ruins and collecting books written in times long forgotten.

Year 1423, spring is soon turning into summer. An old looking man is arriving to Topudus, a small town in the middle of the forest not far from the main road. Topudus was built around lumber industry and small form of fishing for town’s own needs. Town resides right next to a vast and deep lake. Behind the lake stands tall the mountain Vivia.

Early morning light is shining off the snowy mountain tops. Town’s street is surprisingly full of life.
Smell of fresh bakery, fish and wood is mixed in fresh grisp morning air. Old man is standing and watching with a small smile on his face. His name is Tiuln. Bright minded, but easily forgetful who has spent most of his life trying to seek for answers. He is looking around to ask help from someone, but everyone seems to be busy with their own tasks. Finally he desides to trust the townfolks and leave his horse and the vagon behind. He desides to enter the bakery to ask for directions.

  • “Plenty of customers here”. The old man is thinking.
    Tall, thin bearded man walks back and forth behind the counter handing people breads, buns, coffeebreads, pies and occasionally wiping his hands on a green apron he is wearing. Tiuln gathers his courage to enter the growd when suddently he hears words from behind:
    -”I sure haven’t seen you in here before”. Tiuln turns to look and there’s another tall but not so thin man sitting by a window trying to fix a shoe.
    -”He will be quite busy for a while and he would not know the answers for your questions anyway”. The man said before Tiyl could get a sound out of his mouth.
    -“I see…and you are?..”
    -“I’m Sako and that man behind the counter is my brother Oktan. Since we have no bars in this town, every visiting people wander here asking for help”. Again the man answered Tiuln’s question before even asking it. -”It is probably best if I provide you the help you need”.
    -”Sako, hmm. Well enough. My name is Tiyln. Someone was suppose to know of my arrival. I have come to take a look at the…thing…that fell down from the sky near your town.”
    At this point Tiyln noticed that everyone was silent and was looking at him. Even Oktan.

---------- /STORY ----------

Below are video of the development on the technical side (Remember to turn HD on):

I know I should post screenshots but I will add videos I have recorded of the progress on the game.
I will post screenshots and images as soon as I can lock down the plans visual style and when I have visually more to show.

This game is currently on pre-alpha state, but I have to post it here to kick myself on the butt to keep the progress going.

Game style: Cartoony roleplaying game.

Game will be a roleplaying game with a twist. Combats will be heavily dependant on preparations made before
the actual fights (potions, casting spells, etc making sure your character is ready or waiting for key moment*).

*Key moment is a moment which defines when it is best to attack or strike an enemy during combat. This moment
can be triggered by the element of surprise, disoriented enemy or enemy otherwise not fully being in control of the situation, etc. When these moments happen, it is visually seen and perhaps heard by the player and the enemy
(yes, enemy can also have these moments).

As the other side of the coin. Player and opponents are introduced with a stamina system that burns during combat.
If you fail to finish your enemy before your stamina runs out, you will probably die. Fleeing can be an option (up to the player). This is to make sure the fights are hectic.

Aim is to create a technically solid basis for a game that can be easily expanded with features.

Current feature list:

  • Keymap, key event reading.
    Matching key events are checked from premade dictionary and a matching functionality is then being called.
    Keys can be remapped via game menu. System is based on custom event names and matching keycodes

  • Mmo-style mouse controls:
    can rotate the view or turn the player with mouse. Basic wasd for movement and space for jumping.
    Ducking will be introduced later (might introduce sneaking ability also).

  • Character physics type on the characters.

  • Generated game menus according to the data (dictionaries).
    Keys, video settings, sound settings, etc, generate controls and elements for the menu.
    Only a handful of main elements are placed by hand.

  • Dynamic game object loading (libLoad()): calling and fallbacks.

  • Animation events: calling and fallbacks.

  • Animated water. According to the vertex color the water’s surface will move up and down.
    Will optimize later on. Perhaps by running the animation only when player is close enough.

  • Day/night cycle. Working day/night cycle. Which is very simple with background scene but I found it extremely effective. It allows me to keep sky completely seperate to the actual game scene. Only sunlight resides on the acti level scene.

  • User interface is up and running (not visible on videos). Uses overlay scene. Again, simple but I found it a very good method.

------ MISC CONCEPT ------

Nicely done!
Great game idea!
I think that a more realistic style would be more suitable for a game requiring a certain level of focus! Specially if dying is included!
For me cartoon style goes well for humoristic, happy-go-lucky kind of gameplay. But that is just my opinion!
You mouse-to-space tech is fantastic, I wish I could some of that stuff…
Keep it up, and I wish you best of determination and stamina to keep up this fight, it looks promising!