Gem dispersion and light-play

Some suff i made,

Watch video in Full-HD at youtube:

Picture is a sneakpeak


Not bad, is this meant to be a demo-reel for paid work?

What renderer did you use?

Also, it looks like you need to fix the wine glasses, the normals are smoothed too much around the rims, creating a strange look. Edge split?

This demo has no commercial purpose at all, just made it to get a higher grade in a course.

I used Indigo renderer for better control of the dispersion in the gems.

yes, the wine glasses need more work :slight_smile:

You what?!?!

Don’t you know what you’ve got here?! :spin:

(By the way… I’d like to know what the music is.) As quickly as you can, insert on the last few seconds a music credit, with copyright indications, and also your own copyright notice.

That is one of the slickest and most effective demo reels I have seen in a long time.

(Ahem. So, time to 'fess up … Did you use a diamond-saw or something to chop that obviously-real wineglass into sections? And how did you get ahold of those obviously-real gemstones? You’ve got brass for passing off those obviously-real photographs as computer renders!) :wink: :wink:

Don’t know if you’r fooling with me, but the music is: Somebody that i used to know, by Gotye. And no real photos are in the video.

No Glasses were harmed during the making of the clip.