gem rendering

i used yafray to render some gem in a simple environement

but there is something missing - like shyning or brillance
it’s too dark - i did put one light in front and back
something is not as it should be in this pic

see pic

In general Yafray needs more powerful lights in a scene than BI. the Yafray website has a wiki with several lighting hints for Blender. Checkout this page:

no, indigo, it’s waaay better!
lookie here, this’ll show you how good it is.

@Photoguy: I have allready mentioned Indigo to RickyBlender. The main consideration between Yafray and Indigo is render time. Don’t get me wrong I like Indigo and yes, using Blendigo it is easy to just drop your model in and send it to render. But, it does take Hours or Days to clear up the render. Where as Yafray will approximate very realistic light effects in a mater or minutes or a few hours. So my advice is to try both. See which one you like the best, but remember each engine has its own quirks and little things you will need to learn to get the best render you can.

i was reading that the next version of blender might include some improvement in termd of rendering - so i’ll wait for that version that’s for sur

but i thin\k for the time being yafray is a lot better than blender and i’ll practice more with it before getting other renderer