GEMINI next Generation Inc. First videos and work flow design

I post here in volunteer work because the company is just before creation.
This means about 2 months until the new created company can use the money on the now “just in creation” account.

Shortest description: “We will be Tesla at houses”.
Main argument: “Homeownership cheaper than rental apartment: Because rent + operating costs + electricity + fuel for the car cost more than the loan installment MINUS profit from the sale of electricity”.
Mission statement: “Planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we will contribute house by house”.

So we have huge plans for the future.

First is to create photos and a video about the first example village in Unken/Austria.
But it is not only about the video, it is also about work flow design.
Step by step what input data should be up to the output of photos, 360° photos, videos.

There will be many animations in the future. For example, to explain step by step the production of the house and details.

I just start now for this video and to create a team for all the future tasks.