Gemini Rising Production Ramping Up!

My name is Mark Butler, and I am the new Animation Producer and VFX Super on Gemini Rising… a new sci-fi film from Director Dana Schroeder, and starring Lance Henriksen. in post-production now. Our VFX team is made up primarily of Blender and After Effects artists from all over the world, and our small but mighty team is already knocking out the shots. Nathanial Nose just finished the second pass edit, and it’s good! So happy with the way it came out, and although we have a lot of VFX and animation work to do, it makes it easy when the film is good! Well, I would like to invite everybody to come by and check out our progress, and if you have a good eye for sci-fi, perhaps you may want to join our crew! Thanks – Mark

Blender artists from around the world are offering outstanding work on Gemini Rising, a scifi action feature film, using Blender as it’s primary modeling platform. The vfx project, in it’s sixth month, requires over 350 vfx shots, including hard & organic models, environment replacements, green screen keying, tracking, compositing, color correction and rendering. Their work is on par and sometimes better than anything from the vfx community in Hollywood.*

Come participate in the Gemini project. We use a web site forum to build a collaborative team of over 300 Blender users, 2000 posts in over 100 topics to date.*

Gemini Rising stars Lance Henriksen (Alien, Aliens, Pumpkinhead), John Savage (Deer Hunter, Godfather III, Thin Red Line), Amy Hathaway (Mr & Mrs Smith, Courage Under Fire, The Client), Brian Krause (Sleepwalkers, Charmed). IMDB*

Six months and growing. Excellent work by the blender community

Hi, I’m part of the Gemini’s Rising crew and I would like to show you some of the works we’re doing for this film, some of these pictures are not yet finished but you can have an idea about what is going on here, hope you enjoy:

So after several months of heavy work, here it is the official trailer!!! :wink:


Interesiting project and a nice teaser.

cant wait to see more.

My congratulations to this work, looks way better than the first trailer.

But was it really necessary to scatter around this intrusive Prometheus soundlogo all over the score?

Decisions of this kind make the movie even more looking like a copycat, instead of underlining its unique elements, which certainly exists.

Really great work so far!

Just one thing pops out at me as being not ‘thought through’, the fourth image down, the shot of the entrance to the compound. The way it’s been arranged and put together doesn’t make any sense to me.
The guard hut is too close to the main entrance, the barrier is too flimsy and insubstantial for such an important place, the reinforced concrete details above the entrance don’t make any real world sense and the floor surface is untreated soil when in reality, in a high traffic area, you’d be mad not to lay a concrete forecourt with proper drainage.

All this sounds overly picky but a fussy level of production design and art direction makes environments and props feel more realistic and immersive. Look at Syd Mead’s classic work on Bladerunner. Despite the futuristic theme, everything looks like it makes sense and belongs.

Sorry one other thing, I think the trailer shows too much alien action. I’d get whoever edited the trailer to cut the number of ‘alien containing frames’ down by at least half. When you’ve got high production value like this movie has it’s very tempting and natural to want to show it off but I think it’s always better to keep some cards held to your chest so to speak.

Look forward to seeing the finished result though.